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Hello Hello!

Hi All,

New to the motorcycling world. I have an avid liking towards all things that have an engine and wheels on them! In the past years mostly been interested in cars. However, I have always wanted to get involved in the two wheeled community. I used to cycle to work quite often, till my cycle got stolen from within my apartment building . Thats another story for another time.. Since then I have been plotting to get a motorcycle. So, first things first, signed up for a MSF course nearby. Completed it this past weekend (Not going get ahead of myself because of that) I saved up and bought all the required gear - helmet, riding jacket and pants, gloves and shoes. I had been stalking various dealership websites around the area looking for a 300 with ABS, used or new. Finally found one that was within my budget. It's a new 2016 model in black (would have preferred a brighter color), dealer told me it was in their warehouse and was not even put together. I got an OTD $4850, including them delivering it to me, so I do not have to ride it for the first time on a highway. Once it is prepped and ready, I will go in and finish the final paperwork. Also made sure to mention that since there was a recall, to have that work completed is as well. The dealership was very friendly, calm and non pressuring. This was the best I could find, as other dealers in the area were charging close to 5500 for an OTD on new non current models. Additionally, After the initial break in services, I hope to start maintaining the bike myself and learn more about it!

Anyways, so thats my story! I hope to gain some great info from and with time and experience, hopefully contribute back! And I quite excited to start riding!

PS: Will add pics once I get the bike!
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Welcome new guy!
Sounds like a good price for an ABS '16 model. Great to hear you have done the course and got all the gear etc.
Show time!

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similar story to mine, except i just got a '16 cb300f, and I got my bike before i could drive it.

2016 CB300F
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Welcome. It's great to hear that you're doing this in a very methodical and rational way. Kudos to you. It will pay off in the long run, I can assure you.

The only thing you did wrong (in my opinion) was to buy a new bike as your first. However, the principal reason for recommending a cheap, secondhand bike at first is that most people, whether they plan to or not, do most of their falling off in the first year or so, and it's cruel to do that to a new, shiny bike

Your attitude mitigates that risk though. If you're as measured and sensible as you appear, you should be fine. Besides, I still manage to do a graceless topple from time to time even today, after decades of riding much bigger, heavier bikes.

Another piece of unsolicited advice now

If you get hooked on this two-wheeler malarky, as I hope you do, you will want to move up onto bigger, faster or just different bikes in a year or two. DO NOT be tempted to leap too many categories. Many new riders will jump from something small and light to a litre bike, or a supersports 600, and this can not only lead to trouble, but can actually put you off bikes because you struggle to adapt to such a big jump. Make any steps 'up the bike chain' in modest increments and you will actually find you grow better as a rider.

If, on the other hand, you stick to your beautifully light and manageable 300, you will still have lots of fun. Enjoy!
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Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Regarding getting a new bike - what you mentioned is very true. I did want to buy used, but then this would be my first big purchase, solely with money I have saved and worked etc. So I wanted it to be shiny and new. Granted, like you said I will drop it somehow in my first year, I will be upset with myself, but I suppose I will move past it, eventually...

Thanks for the tip on moving up on the bikes. To be honest - I have actually never given it a thought. But I will surely keep that in mind if and when I do decide to move up!
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Hello, hello new guy.
I applaud your purchase (and) that it is a new bike. (BTW, even experienced riders drop their bikes.) Most drops are "soft drops" anyway. Spills can be avoided with responsible riding, as taught in the MSF courses. With ABS spilling is even less likely.
When you buy a used bike you have to deal with the energy of the previous owner.
If the guy was in a low-energy state, you have to deal with that stress on top of dealing
with traffic, etc.
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Yeah, I plan to practice in parking lots first to not only reinforce the basics of the MSF but also to get used to the motorcycle, and then graduate to public roads during non-busy hours; mostly early morning before I head into work.

I will jot down my thoughts on the bike itself along with some pics after my first ride in this post or another one. I am sure I will also have some questions after I put some miles in on the seat.
Needless to say - I am looking forward to it! Hope to get more input from all on here!
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You might not drop it. I had one close call, where my shoelaces got wrapped around the peg and it freaked me out when I went to try to put my foot down at a stop. Other than that, I have 1,000 miles on it, and it's my first bike which I bought right after the MSF course. There's always a chance of dropping it, but I'm willing to deal with that if it comes. Maybe I'll get frame/bar sliders...

2016 CBR300R
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Welcome, and congrats. As for my two cents on the "moving up" topic, I agree there will come a time when you want to do something that is perhaps a bit beyond the range of the 300. Here's how to deal with it:

A) Trust your bike to be capable of more than you think;

2) If the 300 just won't do it, don't replace it, buy another bike!
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Yes, it is very likely that you scratch your brand new bike. However, the 300 spare parts are rather cheap ;-)
Riding larger bikes depends on your capabilities and self judgement. Any beginner could ride a 200hp super
sport or a 400kg cruiser. The problem is to know your limits and knowing that such bikes do not forgive faults.
However, I think the 300 is a good choice and you'll have a lot of fun.
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