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Hey guys. First time on a bike forum lol due to the fact 20yrs ago we didn’t have technology like we do now. I downsized from riding the CBR900RR,Ninja 600 and a decked out CB750. Our son was born with a heart defect and underwent 3 open heart surgeries so long story short,sold my bikes. Unfortunately we lost him due to complications after receiving a heart transplant at the age of 6. So low and behold I’m back on the road and bought a CBR300R.. I actually bought it in full,cash and when I get the title in the mail I was thinking to go bigger.. I read some messages on here and I want to be able to have a passenger but the 300R,I don’t know if it’ll be sufficient. I’m 190lbs and my wife is 150lbs. I really don’t care about speed I just want us to ride comfortably and not put a lot of strain on my bike. Which would be better the 500,600 or 900? Of course the dealer is going to say yes to everything but I’d rather ask you guys because I see that you’re very truly honest here??
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My wife and I ride two up.... combined we are around 370 lbs. I also looked at an “new” 2015 CBR500. The new CBR’s (except for the 300) don’t have as good a passenger seat. The 2015 cbr500 has a wider passenger seat similar to the 300.

The 300 is fine for what we do. Top speed of 83 when we’re both on it, and she’s comfortable for 150 miles. I did add a top box with a backrest when she’s on the bike. In addition to more storage, she likes the added “security”. The older CBR500 also has accessories like luggage racks and centerstands. Newer ones don’t

If the salesman would have come around, I’d probably be on a CBR500 right now ( He called while we were finalizing the 300 deal), but I am very satisfied with the CBR300. If I would like one thing better it would be better 0-60 speed, but if I had that I’d probably scare her right off the bike....

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I think the 300 is probably fine if you have the occasional passenger once in a blue moon.

Since you already bought the 300 you may as well try it out and see.

i would only get a 500 if you where planning on riding 2-up at least 3 times per week on a consistent basis or greater.

2016 CB300F - 6500 miles - 100% stock config
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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you've had a few curve balls thrown your way in life, hope you get some enjoyment from your re-entry into motorcycling.
The CBR's a neat little bike to get back out there on and get the skills up to speed.
I cant comment on pillion abilities as I never had one on the back. I removed the pillion pegs straight away to fit an aftermarket exhaust hanger. Different priorities.
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I have been regularly riding 2-up with my now 17 year old daughter, together we have a combined weight of about 300Ibs.
We take day trips and take breaks every 90min or so. She has not complained about comfort.

I do need to plan ahead if I need to overtake a slow moving vehicle.
My gearing is stock and do not find I have any issues with riding 2-up.
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Before having the CB300F I have been using a chinese made 200cc carbureted 13HP bike, and it was strong enough for me and my gf, at around 150Kg (330 lbs) total weight... so you will be fine with the CBR
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Yes -it sure sounds like you have had a rough going and for that I say there is no better therapy than riding a bike-I'm very sure the bike's are the main thing that has kept me semi sane-that argument continues- all these years-- no humans or animals were harmed writing this post
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naturally more power makes 2-up overtakes etc easier,, yet lighter weight etc also applies here..
many opt for gear ratio changes via sprocket[s] changing, which would help your 2-up riding..
just as we need to learn new/different motorcycles, so also for 2-up, on any bike..
ive seen 3 to 5-up on small motorcycles in asia, including sidesaddle,, and many cbr250/300r riders have enjoyed riding with a passenger, so it can be done incl with the pleasures of motorcycling, provided you approach it realistically - such as leaving adequate braking distances and distancing generally, going for smoothness generally and in approach/entry to corners etc, also decisionmaking such as whether to or when to overtake.. coming from larger hondas you need to adjust priorities etc according to your new motorcycle, which does not mean less enjoyment, simply riding to its/your strengths and weaknesses..
the view from behind is often more conservative esp from nervous passengers, so best also see it as a rider combo,, including how she or he feels about the overtakes and suchlike..
just as you adjust tire pressures etc, so adjust everything else.. think of it as a different type of riding, not just a nuisance around fast overtakes etc.. let yourself both enjoy the ride together..

mate, the pains of loss of a loved one cant be expressed here,, yet, even the fact that you are able to mention your loss here to fellow motorcyclists gives a hint at how you perceive your relationship with your motorcycle[s] and with motorcycling, aside from capacities etc...
the only view is ahead, and into your futures.. take it easy, and enjoy every moment,
including your rides together, as your lost one would undoubtedly have wished..
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