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  1. Appearance and Body
    Hey everyone I’m new to this forum, so hey everyone hope you’re doing well. I just picked up a 21 CBR300R and just got to 1200 miles on it. Me and my buddy who’s been riding longer did the first oil change about 600 miles ago and we replaced the Fender on bike with a fender eliminator over the...
  2. CBR300 General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, So I'm in the process of swapping out my sprockets and chain for my new DID kit! I've taken off the front sprocket cover, examined the front sprocket and have noticed that there is a bit of side to side play. Is this normal and if not, what kind of work am I looking at to fix the...
  3. CBR300 General Discussion Forum
    I'm looking to get my first bike and the CBRs have caught my interests, more specifically the CBR500, but used ones aren't as apparent in the market. I see a lot more CBR300s in my area but I think the CBR500 is a good in between without going to a 600. I'm 6' and 190 pounds and will be using...
1-3 of 3 Results