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  1. CBR300 General Discussion Forum
    I'm about to install the competition werkes fender kit... What options are for the front signals.. Bc I'm not seeing much online... The kit comes with the short ashe rear signals which are nice to me way better and sharp.. What can i do/buy for the big fellas up front???? Thanks!!
  2. Parts & Accessories
    Hello! I was looking into changing my front turn signals... I hate the “buggy” look the stock lights give the bike. I would like to put a flush led light on. Any suggestions? I am honestly having a hard time finding anything specifically for a CB300F. Any suggestions will help! Thank you!
  3. How-To Forum
    I am so annoyed at Honda for their unilateral repositioning of the horn above turn signal switch... Why? I have more than one bike and want the switch positions to be the same on all, hence I plan to make this swap for switchgear with things in the "right" position! I can see that the plugs on...
1-3 of 3 Results