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Not sure if this is the correct spot to post, but I could use some diagnosis help. I'm a pretty new owner to a 2016 CB300F and have found the bike overall a great time. However, I've been having this problem occur a few times and can pinpoint what the issue is.

Issue: Bike will start and run great, after riding around for however long and the bike is fully warmed up. I will stop and turn off the ignition to take a break, try to turn on the bike, and all of a sudden no electronics. No display or lights or anything. Battery voltage shows over 12.5-12.8. Sometimes the display will come back on after a few minutes, but then when trying to start, everything would go dead again. I can bump start the bike and it'll run completely fine again and show that it's putting in voltage at the battery of over 13v. This doesn't happen every time either. I've been able to ride around for 45 minutes, get home and turn the key off and wait a little and turn it back on and start up completely fine. Other times, I'll ride for 30-40 minutes and stop (last time was to get gas) and right after I filled up, i turned the key and got nothing.

I've already gotten the battery tested and it showed good, I've looked at all of the wiring and in general, everything seems to be fine.

I'm wondering if the starter relay/solenoid or rectifier/regulator could be the culprit and only fail intermittently or if it's an ignition key issue.

I'm a little new to motorcycles so I'm unsure if 1) a failed starter relay would cause a no power condition like this and 2) can a bike can be bump started and run off if the starter relay fails.

Any thoughts on what could be the issue and how to run it to ground? I have extensive experience working on cars and can follow a wiring diagram well, but don't have as much experience in the method to backtrack through a wiring diagram to pinpoint a failed component.

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