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almost got into an accident today when some lady in a giant SUV stopped at a stop sign, looked both ways, but for some reason, just did NOT see me though it was wide open road (no parked cars in the way or anything). she then continued to floor it... luckily, I just had a gut feeling this lady was out to get me so I started slowing down (i was already going pretty slow) before hand and was able to come to a stop before the intersection.

so, to my question at hand. outside of gas inefficiency, is riding @5500rpm all the time bad? I ask because i do notice that people will tend to "see" me more when they hear me. I generally ride @4000 but its pretty silent at that engine speed.

if only gas inefficiency is the real issue, then i think i'm gonna start riding my engine louder.

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Yes, you can cruise at 5500 RPM... these engines are made to run at much higher RPM's than that without any problems.

As far as your near-miss with the big SUV, did you have your headlight on high beam? During the day, I always ride with the headlight on high beam.

Regarding louder aftermarket exhausts, only vehicles that are behind you will really notice a louder exhaust... vehicles in front of you are not going to notice a loud exhaust until you go past them. Google Doppler Effect.
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