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Any North American 300's yet?

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Has anyone seen a CBR300R or CB300F at a dealer, or on the street even, in the North American market yet?

I stopped by a Honda dealer here in St. Louis the other day where a salesman told me it would still be a couple of months before they are available.

However, he did not seem very knowledgeable about the model, and when I mentioned the CB300F it seemed to take him by surprise - as if he hadn't heard of it.
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I emailed back and forth with a dealer here in Utah a few days ago and he said he has the 300r in stock. I haven't seen it yet but I'm going this weekend to check it out so I'll keep you posted.
Well here they are! I went and took one for a spin yesterday. This was at a dealer in Utah. They've had the bikes for about a week or two now. No doubt it's a beautiful bike!

Going in I was pretty set on the 300, but I rode the 500r as well and definitely appreciated the increase in power. But I like the design of the 300 quite a bit more, as well as the information display. So now I'm torn!

But anybody getting the 300r won't be disappointed at all. It rides beautifully, and's just a straight up sexy bike.


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Nice!! I'm still undecided on my opinion of the black Tron colorway, but it does look pretty awesome there. I wonder how well the matte will hold up against things like bug/rock strikes? I've always been under the impression that matte finish tends to be pretty needy if you want to maintain it's look.

Edit: Just out of curiosity, did you notice if the yellow accents were decals of if it was painted on?
No, I didn't sorry. I think it looked a lot better in person than online, but after seeing all the colors I think I like the tri-color the best.

I didn't know that about the matte finish. I was thinking about going for a matte finish on my helmet, but now I might want to reconsider
Brider, did they have any CB300F's?
They most likely do have some, though I don't recall seeing any out on the floor. They might have had some in the back.
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