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Yeah the global supply issues surrounding new bikes has really hiked up the used market. New bikes are looking like the best option presently as long as you can get what you want. Living in a small (pop 5 million) country at the bottom of the world just accentuates the problem. The standard catch cry when I go to order anything here is "there's none in the country" .
And shipping times are diabolical. 7 weeks recently to get some Woodcraft clip ons from the States to NZ, and that was with paying extra for the 'express delivery' option! :confused:

Good to hear that your asset is holding its value though.

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I got my 2015 CB300f last year for $2800 Aus ( $1900 US ) with 28,000 km on - out the door price with long rego left. Was thrilled with the deal I accidentally walked into as was not really looking. Going price seems for be $4k Aus now for used.

Ended up I got $2k for my aging 2004 KLR650 and an extra $800 for a Burgman 650 I was gifted so jumped 11 years forward for no dollars out of pocket.

Love the gas mileage - regularly 350 km out of 10-11 L ...70 mpg ...even then a fill up hurts $22 :cry:
Did the valves at 50k km and one was out of spec so money well spent. I've been pleased with the bike. Now joined by a matching eBike the other day. 450 km of rideable paved bike trails in my area so lots to explore almost for free. Cheap fuel, no rego or insurance and they can't revoke my licence for getting too old. :D
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