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Hi folks.
Bought my CBR3R a week or so ago. I am 58 and have owned various bikes since I was 19, from a 70cc commuter to sports tourers, cruisers to old-style nakeds. Before buying the CBR, I had gone a couple of years without a bike, having experimented with different styles, trying to work around worsening arthritis.

However, as my fellow two-wheelers will know, having a bike in the garage is part of who you are and that empty space couldn't be ignored. I thought about restoring a classic, but couldn't find anything I liked - and that I could push around in the driveway. Then I hit on the idea of buying a small-capacity bike that was light enough for my age-enfeebled body to cope with. Being tight of arse, I settled on a used CBR250R, it being a Honda (so screwed together properly), nice and light, and a good-looking bike that didn't look like a commuter. And so off to the local bike shops I went, to try one out (I was genuinely concerned that I would find the lack of torque a problem).

Well, the Wyrd Sisters were active that day and, having looked at a couple of 250s and found two little beauties, the sales guy told me that Honda were doing a special on the new 300, making it just $800 more expensive than the used 250s I was looking at. They had just sold the demo bike so I said, get another one ready for me to test ride and, if I like it, I'll buy it when I get back. I rode it home later that day.

It sounds daft I know, but though I have only had time for two very short rides so far, I have spent an hour or so in total just pushing it around the garage and drive. To say I am happy with the ease with which I can wheel it about would be an understatement.

If this works out, maybe the CBR will buy me a few more years on a bike, for which I will be eternally grateful. Oh, and the two short rides have been a blast - she might be small, but she handles and brakes beautifully. I love the throaty noise she makes when she gets 'on the cam', too.

A replacement silencer is on the shopping list, but only because the OEM item is HUUUUUGE. I don't want much more noise (stealth speeding is the name of the game, kids). I would also be interested in some bar risers, though there doesn't seem to be much clearance 'twixt bars and fairing on full lock (any advice gratefully received.


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Welcome to the forum, I really enjoyed reading your well written story. I have the 300R in millenium red as well.
Yes the OEM silencer is a lump but at 5.75 kg it is lighter than the one on the 250R. Typically most aftermarket pipes weigh around 2kg but most are quite loud.
Anyways,... enjoy your new ride and just being back out in the wind again!
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