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Hello Everyone,

When I first purchased my Lenovo Ideapad S 300, I had Windows 8. In the end, I gave up, uninstalled Windows 8, and installed Windows 7 Professional after it wouldn't operate properly. Since then, it has operated without difficulty, except for the built-in webcam (which worked under Windows 8).

My webcam does not work on any of the Ideapad S 300 forums I have searched. I cannot even turn the webcam light on/off by pressing Fn+Esc. I'm particularly puzzled by the fact that Device Manager shows Lenovo EasyCam installed and reported to be working properly, but the driver is Microsoft Version 6.1.7601.18208. It still states that only the Microsoft driver is installed after uninstalling and reinstalling the Lenovo Windows 7 64 bit driver.

Could this be the issue? Do you have any suggestions?

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