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Any of your fellow 300R riders find a motorcycle cover that fits the R like a glove?
Coming up soon, I'm going to be keeping the bike outside a couple days in a row and I want to keep it covered overnight, just in case it rains or something.

Let me know if you've found anything! Thanks...

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my oxford aquatex camo cover fits well..

only a single skin thus fairly cheap cover
but cut to shape over mirrors and seat
reaches ground, thus stops splash-up,
with under strap stopping blowing it off..

has reinforced openings low front wheel
for chains/locks, and comes in a handy
sized square strong plastic carry box..

easy to put on and take off
does the job i wanted for bike
parked in the weather..

comes in 4 sizes, scooter, medium
etc, think mine is the medium,
but check first..
they have measurements guide..
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