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I did my M1 exit test today in Chatham and passed quite easily.
The days leading up to it, I was curious and wanted to know exactly what was going to be part of the test, and what the "road test" part was like, and what the route was. I live in Mt Brydges which is close to London but quite often London is booked solid and they send you to Chatham.

After googling "Chatham M1 Exit test route" the search came up empty.
A Lot of the other cities popped up but none for Chatham so here I am posting my experience to help those of you doing your M1 Exit in Chatham.

OK so the first part of the test is walking your bike in a figure 8, but the instructor told us just go around 1 set of the cones in a circle proving that in case of an emergency or breakdown you are capable of walking your bike. No big deal here.

The 2nd part is the serpentine, which you weave your bike around 6 sets of cones, do a U-Turn then weave your way back. I didn't practice at all and I put my foot down twice and got knocked points for it.

The 3rd part is the straight line/braking test. You have to ride straight thru the cones places 1 Metre apart slowly, make a U-Turn at the end and then pick up speed (get up into 2nd gear) then brake hard but don't lock 'em up and then stop with your tire on a line. I got dinged a point for stopping JUST short of the line.

If you pass the first 3 cone parts then you get to do the road test, if you failed then you get to go home. Only 1 guy failed in our group. He has a massive bike and couldn't work it around the cones. Poor guy he was a nice fella and we all felt bad.

Part 4 - The road test..
You head down to a variety store where you all park and she tells you the route, and she stands on the corner where she can only actually see you on 3 segments. There were 7 in our group and she tells you to go 1 at a time, once 1 person gets back the next in line goes. This test was ridiculously easy. If you made it to the road test portion, you are laughing all the way back to the MTO to claim your M2 License! Below I will list the roads/route you take and also post the pic of the instructors checklist that I got. I'm sure this will be helpful to you!

Starting point - Charlies Variety on Keil drive and McKinnon drive.
Turn left out of Charlies onto McKinnon arrive at a stop sign.
Head straight thru the stop sign following McKinnon it turns into Heritage Road.
Follow this street all the way around (she can't see you at this point) until it comes back to Keil.
Turn right onto Keil, (she sees you again) change into the left lane.
Get into the left turning lane and turn left onto Kerr Ave (out of her sight again.)
Make another left onto Orchard heights
Make another left onto McKinnon (in her sights again)
Turn left back into Charlies Variety.
Done, piece of cake! All 6 of us remaining passed this and got our M2!

Hopefully this helps you all doing your test in Chatham. Here is the map so you can look at the streets and route. Also the instructors checklist


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