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Just picked up my CBR300R at the weekend and need to update my gear as my old scooter kit isn't going to cut it for a daily commute.

Live in Auckland, New Zealand so 6-8 months of the year its hot and humid, the rest is cool and wet. I'm going to have a 20-30min commute on the motorway each day each way.

I'm looking at getting some over the ankle boots that are also waterproof (Alpinestars Fastback) but I'm not sure what do about the rest. I currently have a cheap Neo Textile Jacket which is way too hot now its summer, zero airflow but it pretty waterproof but no armour. I'm thinking about getting a mesh jacket for the summer and maybe a waterproof textile for the winter, both the same brand so I can swap armour between them. Don't like the big bulky touring jackets either.

Pants I'm not sure. I dont really want or can afford to fork out for 2x sets of pants, so I was thinking one of these overpants that are waterproof/breathable but then not sure how they handle the really warm weather? And also, is it wise to ride in these in shorts if it gets really hot?

Doing it this way I only need 1x set of pants and 2x jackets. What do you guys do for commuting anyway?
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