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A couple of questions. A theft recovery bike that I am trying to convert over to the track.

1. On the left side of the frame there is a metal box and assume it is something like the rectifier. All the green wires are connected and one black wire that is not connected. Does anyone know by looking whether this wire connects back to the frame as a ground or whether the wire connects to the other portion of the wired hidden behind the frame/plastics/etc?
2. The bike on the stand does not sit very good, very tipsy. It has almost fallen over several times unless I crank the steering wheel to full left. Not sure if that is common or if something is off. Wondering if the suspension specifically the forks are at their right height. This is a CB300F but I am converting it over to full fairing track bike using clip on handlebars. For a CBR330R how many inches or millimeters is sticking about the top triple
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