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Dislikes About Your 300

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Now, I normally don't feel comfortable starting negative topics, but when I think about it, this can be more positive than anything else.

I think we can agree that our 300 is a superb bike overall, especially if one can appreciate it for what it is. It has tons more to like about it than to dislike.

Just to share our views and opinions as to what we can find to nitpick about, what do you not like about your 300R/F?

Few things that I can think of:

1) When I fuel up the bike to full, it shows a max of 6 bars. The 6th bar comes & goes off / on... And then disappears very quickly after a few miles of riding... So I'm left with 5 bars most of the time. I suppose the bike doesn't fuel up to the absolute max because it's tilted on the stand while at the fuel up. Also, the decrease and increase of a bar happens frequently as I progress with riding throughout the tank's fuel range.

2) The exhaust canister is prone to attracting stains from the rubber soles on my shoes... Especially since the canister is large in size, and gets so hot and attracts to melting the rubber with even the slightest touch or rub from the sole.

3) The bike's motor takes a very long time to warm up, especially when it's below 30 - 40 degrees outside (less than comfortable, I know :p). I let the bike idle for a couple of minutes or so, and then I ride at the lowest RPM's to give the motor some more time to build heat. It takes a while... And actually, everything takes a long time to warm up when it's very cold outside. The shifting is always a bit harder and harsher... When I'm at the red light or when I'm trying to shift the bike to neutral, the bike keeps going to 1st or 2nd... Very difficult to land on neutral. I'm having all this happen only when it's very cold outside. I suppose motorcycles are more sensitive to the weather, and we can read the bike's behavior better than a car because we're more connected to the machine... And plus the bike's motor and components are more open to the weather compared to everything being enclosed and covered like it is in a car.

Just nitpicking... Some of these are just the nature of how motorcycles are, so probably no biggie. If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to post it up here. :D

* FYI, I have about 1,500 miles at the time of forming this thread.
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