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Do they actually make crash bars for a 2017 CB300F?

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Hi there! I was just given my brother's old bike and am going to attempt to learn how to ride, however, I would feel much more comfortable with crash bars while learning. I've had no luck finding them for this bike, the closest I've found are universal ones on ebay but they don't seem super sturdy. I've found a few for the 300R but am assuming those will not work due to the body style differences, but maybe I'm wrong? Any ideas?
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There are a couple of eBay sellers in Ukraine that sell crash bars for the CBR300R. The CB300F has the same frame and less bodywork so a good chance it would fit. You reach out to them about it. Links:

I ended up going with Shogun sliders for my 2017 CB300F. Revzilla carries them, Shogun Frame Sliders Honda CB300F 2015-2018 - RevZilla. They did a decent job protecting my bike when it was twice knocked over in parking lots. (Always a nice surprise to find your bike on the ground after work!) In those tip-overs, the handlebar weight and ball end of the levers were scuffed, but no other damage. A little buffing and paint and good as new. You'd probably be ok if you dropped the bike at a stop or similar. Don't know about a low side. For some extra protection, someone makes a slider for the exhaust pipe, maybe T-Rex?

Enjoy your new ride. Recommend taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider course if they have it in your area. One big advantage is the learner bike is included. Always better to drop someone else's bike when you are learning to ride:giggle:
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I also have the Shugun Frame Sliders. Easy to install, a must have IMO.

I echo HowHH's comment about the Basic Rider Course. Motorcycling is a lot of fun but it can be very unforgiving of those who don't know what they don't know. When you do take it, make sure you go to a Community College or some place that puts you on a smallish 250 or 300cc bike. My wife took it with me at a local Harley dealership. Since Harley is in the business of selling motorcycles they use the smallest Harley they sell, which was a Street 500 at that time. Her small hands couldn't grip the clutch lever. It was a very bad experience for her. I have my license. She doesn't. Wish we had gone somewhere else. Certainly OK to familiarize yourself ahead of time though. Good luck.
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