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Exhaust heat shield

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Anyone with a 2015 or similar will know that the exhaust heat shield (if you can call it that) will fry a steak well done in a few mins. My partner has now burned holes in three pairs of trousers and we have tried the heat resistant wraps but they just do not work and actually smoke. Has anyone had any luck with generic heat shields from ebay etc or is there a make or model anyone can suggest?

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I worked for an electrical products distribution company ten years ago which sold mineral blanket heat shielding products made of quartz and other inorganic materials. This occurred with the banning of asbestos long ago and these products were meant as alternatives to fiberglass. I have forgotten the company's name but a web search will probably bring them up. An inquiry to them may net you a sample. I never heard of those products smoking so you must have used fiberglass, which was down the chart as far as thermal protection values went.
Bump. Anyone else have any update on this. We have ruined another pair of pants...

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Try these or similar products. we use them on the hot sections of turbo charger pipes...

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