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Hello everyone. I thought that I would share some exciting news that I heard from my friend and co-worker recently. He was down at Markham Outdoor Power Sports, which is in the Toronto area, and while talking to the dealer there he was told that they would be receiving some CBR300Rs from Honda this week.

The last I heard, the CBR300R was coming to Canada in Fall of 2014, so the news that it would be arriving at the end of August (which is close to fall but still clearly summer) is exciting news. I haven't called to confirm this news or anything, but it has got me thinking about heading down to see if I can get my hands on one.

The MSRP listed on Honda's website says that the CBR300R should cost $4,699. Do you guys think I will be able to get a deal to pay under that, or should I be expecting to pay over that price by the time all the extra fees are tacked on? What are you guys expecting to pay?

Do new motorcycle models ever get delivered to dealers ahead of time? Is all of this possible, or am I just hearing crazy rumors that will end up disappointing me?

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I'm guessing that you've been off the forums for awhile... there have been a number of recent threads in the past few weeks here by members reporting that CBR300R's have been showing up at Honda dealerships all across the U.S. A few people have already taken delivery of 300R's... stands to reason that Canadian dealers would also be seeing 300R's showing up as well.

Rather than wondering whether your friend is just passing on a false rumor, why not just call the the dealer to confirm?

I would think that most if not all Honda dealers will be selling these bikes for full MSRP. Honda doesn't flood the market with bikes, so I wouldn't expect to see Honda dealers doing any discounting off of MSRP. As far as additional costs like freight, set up, doc fees, etc. these can vary a lot from one dealer to the next. Some dealers charge them, others don't. It pays to shop around a bit, particularly if you live in an area that has more than one Honda motorcycle dealership.
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