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Will be returning my '15 CB300F to stock-ish condition in the springtime, and will be looking to sell the aftermarket parts. I'd like to try to sell the exhaust, intake, and tune as a package like I received them.

Included would be:

• Full Yoshimura R77 exhaust system -- the can is the all-carbon option. In great condition, has some very faint scuff marks on the can. DB silencer included

• K&N drop-in replacement intake (renewable lifetime cloth filter) in perfect used condition.

• Dynojet Power Commander Fuel Controller (marketed for the 15-16 CB300F, don't know why it wouldn't work on the CBR but caveat emptor), tuned by the previous owner on a dyno to work in combination with the above exhaust and intake setup. Simple to install, results in a really nice upgrade in combo with the exhaust. "How the bike should come stock," etc etc.

Will provide pictures as interest is expressed. Items are currently on the bike, will be removed come springtime.

$500 + shipping for the whole kit?
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