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GP vs Traditional Shift Patterns

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One of the things I'm interested in trying out with CBR300 is a GP shift conversion, its a relatively easy mod to do and one that I think many people are curious about...

We all know traditional shift patterns, one down for first, 5 up for second to sixth. There's really no problem with traditional shifting, however if you're a track rider or looking for something a little more intuitive GP shift could be for you. By intuitive I mean its a much more natural reaction at high speed to push down instead of click up. Ever drive a BMW with an Auto-Manual? They are the only gearbox in the industry that down is upshift, its just more intutive to go down, with the momentum. Although that may be subjective (isn't it all ;))

The issue Traditional shifting runs into is cornering. On track, or even your favourite bendy bit of tarmac, while leaning a right hander, its far easier to click down for upshift as you roll the throttle on than manoeuvring your feet about while hanging off the inside!

even worse are the left handers, trying to hook your toes under the lever while leaning left means you run the risk of toe scrape. Again, far easier to click down.

I suppose the hardest part of switching to GP shift is going to be the learning curve. I've read many a stories about missed shifts actually more like accidental downshifts because said pilot forgot he switched his pegs. Also it seems like downshifting is going to need a new dash of finesse, Its much easier to mash down a couple than flick up a few.

Most bikes the swap is easy enough you can just flipping the sleeve on the end of the shift spindle. Some bikes will need new rearsets however. I'm not sure if its better or even worth, but it seems like a simple mod that I'd like to at least try out :D
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A quick revisit:
So has anyone done this yet? Being a new rider without any movements that have become habitual, I think this sounds like a great thing. I have actually stomped on the clutch once or twice when trying to upshift (im new, whatever), but thankfully my reflexes are trained and I was able to pull the clutch in quickly to avoid an uncontrolled boost.
anyway, curious to know if anyone has done this yet and how long it too to modify.
I think you meant to say shift pedal.;)

Have you read through some of the previous posts here?
yep, meant to say that yes. Shifter.
and yes, read thru all of it actually. Like someone said, it could come down to a matter of preference I guess. Seems like it would be practical still; street or track. Sounds like something id like to feel out though.
In fact, at the top levels of motor sports like MotoGP and Formula One, those riders and drivers have contract stipulations that forbid them from engaging in dangerous sports for pleasure.
Unless you're Valentino Rossi, then you ride motoX in the off season :). At least he used to, he may not now.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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