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Ok, here is the story. 2015 CBR300r died on highway and electronics died as well shortly after. Assumed power issue so replaced battery. Bike ran for 5 mins then died. Must be a charging issue. Replaced stator, changed oil as well. Tried to start, nothing. Just clicks and won’t turn over. Charged battery, nothing, replaced starter solenoid, nothing. Fuses all good. Boosted it with my truck, and it turned over, and could get it to sputter. Thought gas as now it’s been in storage for 5 months. Drained gas and put new stuff in, along with some cleaner. Now it starts and runs, but only while I’m holding the starter button. As soon as I let go it dies. It revs and runs smoothly while holding starter button, but will not stay on. Kickstand is up, bike is in neutral, clutch is in etc.
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