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I recently picked up a "refurbished" Contour Roam that is being sold by Contour:

Roam - Contour

There was some concern about what was wrong with the refurbished models. They could be returned units that were repaired or worse - batches that failed QC.

I received mine today and I think I know why it wasn't sold at full price...

As far as I can tell the unit appears new except for the scratch at the top. It may very well have come from the factory like this and was rejected. Better yet you can load the Roam2 firmware and turn it into a Roam2. It's a Roam2 for $60-70 with shipping.

Turn your Contour Roam into a Contour Roam 2.-

If you're looking for a cheap helmet cam I'd check this out. There's a 90 day return policy as well and Contour has a good reputation from what I've read. I'm attaching it to my helmet with this mount which fits the side of my Icon helmet perfectly.

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