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Hi all, looking to buy a new bike shortly and
thought I'd get the inside info from owners
other than external reviews or salesman on
the cbr300r /300f. I've owned a cbr250,
Virago, gs 500 and ninja 300, but the Honda
was the most comfortable to ride the HWY or
suburbia. It's winter in OZ, and I love riding
the winter season and the HWY's that I ride
leads to rolling country hills then the twisties

I've been reading lots of your helpful reviews
and mods that I've taken note of thanks ! :nerd:

The speed limit on the surrounding HWY's is 100
Km (60 mph). Which I think may be made to
measure for this little bike ! The cbr250 was good
but I sold it for the ninja 300 which I could never
get comfortable on ( that seat !) tried everything !
Great motor and gearbox though, anyway time for
comfort + fun = Honda, I think !...Thanks all !

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Thanks ind-George, I sat on the on the cb300f quite
a few times now and I would have to agree with you,
it really is the most comfortable seat out of all the 300
class bikes ! In fact I think it's the most comfortable
bike ergonomicly that I've sat on ! Seriously looking at
this bike, 300f.

I'm not worried whether one bike will go 20 km faster
in the 300 class, as long as it can keep up to speed on
the HWY and has a seat that you can actually sit on, the
ninja 300 seat was the equivalent to concrete with vinyl
over it. Very difficult to endure on long trips !

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Yep, seats good, I've done quite a few 500km days on mine touring with no issues. I'm 5'10.
Agree with George, most comfortable seat I've come across on a sports bike.
Honda seems to generally get their ergonomics right. I find the pegs a touch far forward but that's possibly a personal thing and aftermarket rear sets are available.
I think you couldn't go too far wrong with a CB, all the best. :)

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the cb is more upright ergonomically than the cbr or the ninja

the cb does have a comfortable seat, I had no problems getting used to the backstop, it lets me move when I need to

the stock suspension for me being 5' 8" & 160#'s works fine, didn't even adjust the preload

the stock irc tires are ok for me, but I could see myself upgrading tires sooner than I normally would for a bike

the cb & the cbr are singles vs the ninja which is a twin

the cb is not the best on the hwy but it will do a very respectable job & with six gears will not scream to loud doing it, vibration is very controlled on this bike

can't beat the price for the cb300

I prefer the dash on the cb vs the cbr, although it does not have a shift counter, does not bother me any but likely does bother some

the stock mirrors, well that is very much up to the individual

some concerns rattles & grinds, I have currently about 600 miles on this bike & no issues, its a very easy bike to ride, low speed it does have somewhat of a snatchy throttle in first gear especially when cold but the rider can more than compensate

the cb300f is a pretty good package for a bike as long as you are buying it for what it is, it is a naked 300cc single sportbike

ride safe

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Thanks for your input Devlin, much appreciated, I think
most bikes have their idiosyncrasies, especially low
budget bikes, vibrations, rattles, that odd whistling sound
that you can never cure no matter what type of grade fuel
you use ( ninja 250 - 2008-2012). Vibration through just
about the whole bike GS 500 at about 95 km ( 4700) rpm,
a whole host of other quirks in the small cc bikes.

So I expect there might be a few in the cbr with what I've
been reading about so far on this site. But the advantage
of riding small cc bikes to there capacity in normal everyday
use legally just outweighs any justification for me buying a
more refined sport bike that I probably wouldn't get out of
third gear on a 100 km (60mph) HWY which is the speed
LMT where I live. I really love the connection you feel on
small bikes, IMO it makes it all worth while !

Thanks once again for your input guy's !!
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