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I have a 2021 CBR300 that I bought brand new at the end of May 2022. I do my own maintenance which includes the oil changes. I was told by the dealership to keep all the maintenance receipts in case anything were to happen to the bike mechanically. I work as a technician at a Honda auto dealership so I know this is standard.

Fast forward three oil changes and 4 months later, the bike brakes down and is towed to the dealership. We are told that the motorcycle needs to have a new engine. The dealership asked for the oil change receipts so they could submit them to Honda. I provided the three Walmart receipts to the dealership which include proof of purchase for the oil, oil filter, and other miscellaneous items. From the end of September to the end of December we were left sitting on our hands. We would call the dealership almost every week, but would always be told that they were waiting to hear back from Honda. By the the new year, we were past the point of frustration and asked if there was anything we could do to speed up the process. The dealership provided us with the Honda Customer Relations number which we called.
After two or three phone calls explaining the situation, we were told that the services would not be covered under warranty due to four main reasons concerning the oil changes.
  1. They claimed that the oil grade used was incorrect
  2. They were not able to see part numbers on the receipt to verify that the correct oil and oil filter were used
  3. They were not able to verify what millage the motorcycle was at when the oil changes were completed
  4. They were not able to verify that any work was actually done
To address the first issue, this is contradicted by the second issue. How could they tell us that the oil grade was incorrect if this is not seen on the receipt? They can't. With issue #2, we are not able to have Walmart modify their receipts to show the part numbers. Issues 2, 3, and 4 we were not told about, and how would we even verify all of these? For #4: Show up at their house and do the oil change in front of them? We became frustrated and got transferred to the head of Customer Relations. We asked him if the notes I took in my phone tracking the millage could be submitted. We asked if the dealership could look at the oil quality and the filter physically on the bike. We asked if there they would take hand written statements. These were all met with "no" and that there was no way to verify that those were accurate. He was very condescending and he treated us like I was lying about everything.

I took to the internet, looking for the fine print on the Honda 2021 CBR300 manufacture's warranty. I cannot seem to find it anywhere (If anyone knows where it is please let me know). But I did find the "HondaCare Protection Plan" warranty which I would imagine that the rules are similar.

" 3. A statement that YOU performed the maintenance yourself, stating the type of work performed and the date of service. This statement should be accompanied by receipts for the replacement "

This document also says they can deny coverage if adequate proof of maintenance is not provided, but we provided everything the fine print and dealership said we needed to provide. Then out of no where, there are all of these additional requirements that seem to be pulled out of their ass because they don't want to cover the bill.

Anyway, I felt like I was being gaslighted. So we called the dealership back asking what information was required. We told by a service adviser, once again, that only the receipts were needed. He even said "if the date isn't on there you can write it in". We asked how we could be able to prove the millage or part numbers, but he said there was no need to do all that.

So we called the Head guy at the Customer Relations again, and we read word for word the "HondaCare Protection Plan" to him and asked him how we are supposed to know that we needed to verify part numbers and millage. We asked him where the fine print was that required millage and part numbers. We asked him why the dealership said one thing and they said another. We asked him where we could submit a statement to say what work was done. He would go silent, literally just completely silent, not answering our questions. Then whenever we got frustrated and loud, he would say "Do you have any other documentation to submit?" over and over like a broken record.

Currently, we are trying to send emails to other people within the company to explain the situation and hopefully get some help. The rude customer relations guy says there is no one else we can speak to/he can transfer us to in order to get our questions answered. Speaking to other representatives, the rude Customer Relations guy is pretty high up.

We are completely at a loss and don't know what to do. This was a brand new vehicle that broke down after four months. My girlfriend and I are young (20 and 22), and this was my only means of travel at the time. We don't have the money to get it repaired, that's why we got something new with warranty and a CarePlus plan for after the manufacture one expires. Please, we need some help. Is there anything more we can do?

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I'm not in the US but it does sound like you are getting screwed over. They're contradicting their own guide lines.
My own situation here in NZ was this: The first service and check over at 1000km (600miles) was free, but I live 2 hrs from the dealer so I asked him if he could give me the oil and filter and I'd do it myself. He said yes but to be fair I did tell him I was an engineering machinist by trade and fairly mechanically inclined, so not sure how much bearing that had on his call.
After that I just did the rest of the oil and filter changes myself within that first 2 year warranty period. Now I think back on it I probably forgot to keep my receipts but luckily I had no bother with the bike.
You've done everything asked of you with regard to keeping receipts and I'm guessing after 3 or so oil changes you knew which way round to put the oil filter in (it happens!), so I feel you will just have to keep hammering whom ever you can further up the chain within Honda to find a more sympathetic ear. The other guy sounds like a right dick.
Good luck!

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I agree with KIWI on this. While I've never had warranty claims before during our US 1 year period, I've always performed my own services, saved receipts, and always thought all would be well.
Some of the newer dealerships sell ONLY Honda products, not just motorcycles but lawnmowers, pressure washers, generators, everything Honda besides automobiles.
They seem to be in a special category than dealers who sell multiple brands of bikes, are Honda's 'preferred' dealerships, and are treated accordingly. Find one in your area or over the phone. Explain the problem, your disappointment, and get a contact name and number. Someone will get you a definitive answer other than lack of proof of receipts.
Play nice, be patient, and expect nothing. There won't be a quick fix at this point. But I'd like to believe Honda can do better than what you've been told.
The link below has a dealer in the Dallas TX that seems to fit the profile.... I hope it's not the one giving you the run-around.
Dealership Information | Al Lamb's Dallas Honda Texas

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How much is a new engine? <$10,000 is small claims in most (all?) states.

Sounds like you're going to end up in small claims court suing Honda USA unless there's an arbitration clause in the warranty.
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