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Throughout this document you'll find a number of useful Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) that we've seen pop up often enough on the CBR300, valuable to both current owners and those of you considering it. Also included are DIY's and how-to threads by some of our many knowledgeable members.

Accessing these frequently asked questions and how-to’s is as simple as clicking on the blue hyperlinked text under the bolded text, which will redirect you to the page for that topic.

Directly below, you'll find vital information on using this forum (ex. 'how to upload pictures') and information which will help to resolve most of the issues you may come across.

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Common Questions
CBR300R Fuel Mileage (Multiple Threads)

Fuel Tank Range

CBR300R Factory Service Manual

Honda CB300F Owner's Manual (PDF)

CBR300 and CBR250 interchangeable parts

What's your bike's top speed?

CBR300R, Not a Highway Bike?

Dislikes About Your 300

What did you do to your 300R/F today?

Put your 300 on a diet

Problems, Issues & Concerns
CBR300 Problems and Issues

Don't Forget To Check Your License Plate Screws

Tank Rattle

Helmet lock design sucks!

Questions on Downshifting, Engine Braking

Problems Shifting Into Neutral

CB300F issues, quirks, problems

Vibration noise at high RPM

Bike dies without warning

600 Mile (1000 km) Maintenance Questions

2015 CB300F Front End Rattle Noise?

Neutral/Shifting issue fixed!

First Gear Issues

Noise when engine is hot. Ticking/rattling noise?

Rpms dropped and engine rattles

Weird grinding noise when downshifting

DIY, How-To & Maintenance
Honda Part Numbers for Scheduled Maintenance

What oil do i use?

DIY CB300F HID Retrofit

How To Refuel The CBR/CB-F

Adjusting your Chain

How To: Throttle Free Play Adjustment

How To: Clutch Cable Free Play Adjustment

Storing A Bike For Winter/Off Season

Gear Indicator

How does everyone clean their ride?

Windscreen removal tutorial!

Tail Light Removal

Chain tension adjustment

CB300F maintenance

Maintenance and Service Intervals

Replace The Oil Filter At Every Oil Change!

DIY Motorcycle Service & Maintenance: Basic Tools & Supplies

CBR300 vs Competition
Cross-Shopping CBR300R, R3 and RC390

Beginner-Ish Sportbike Shootout

2014 Honda CBR300 vs 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300

CBR300R vs R3 vs Ninja 300

Battle For My Paycheque: CBR300R vs Duke 390 vs Ninja 300

CBR300 vs Yamaha R3/R25

Riding Gear
Don't Think You Need ATGATT? (All The Gear All The Time)

What kind of gear do you ride with, or want to ride with?

Can You Pass The Sander Test? or, How to Select Good Riding Gear

Motorcycle Shoes vs. Boots

(helmet) Wind noise

Show off your unique Helmet!

yoshimura r77 video

Yoshimura full-system exhaust...

CBR300 Slip ons

Coffmans Exhaust

Aftermarket Exhaust's

TBR Tarmac High-Performance Exhaust

Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tires

CBR300 Rear Tire Size

Poll: Recommended Tire Replacement?
Wheels, Tires and Suspension - Honda CBR 300 Forum

Rear Preload

Fork springs

Lowering Links

Increase Ride height?

Ohlins vs OEM shock

Accessories & Modifications
2015 CBR300R Accessories

Performance Upgrades

Best mods/add-ons?

K&N Filter cheapskate potential mod

The Gearing Thread - Sprockets, Ratios, etc. (Multiple threads)

Better Bottom End

color matching accessories - yay or nay?

GP vs Traditional Shift Patterns

Headlight is in the oven...

Auxiliary power supply

Heated grips installed

Frame Sliders

Rear fender eliminator

What our tails would look like without that ugly fender+grip

CB300F Windshield

R&G Tidy Tail

Honda Tail Bag

Ideas for storage

Barend mirrors

Windshield made & installed.

Video: Brake Light Upgrade To LED
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