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hi - my new 300 has a very hot exhaust cannister
noticed from new, now 200+km still too hot..

lick finger and touch causes 'sizzle' response..
burned knuckle twice from brief touch
while placing rear disc lock.. caused burn
response incl scabbing etc..
this is the cannister body, not the pipe or cover,
and extends to the black end cone, altho
the chrome body is the worst or hottest..

oil level ok according to honda tech when first
picked up [but at a low level] same for coolant
reserve tank, at low level but he reckoned both
ok.. checked 'adding engine oil' [p56]
"If the engine oil is below or near the lower
level mark, add recommended engine oil.
Remove the oil fill cap. add the recommended oil until it reaches the upper level mark."

+ upright level position when checking etc..

so having some honda dyno oil i added 40ml
taking it to just on the upper level, after
warm then cooling 5 mins etc..

this to reassure myself that this exhaust
cannister heat was not due to hot engine
from low oil level..
anyway, the same heat exists when parking
after typical rides, with correct oil level..

tech at another honda dealer [went for coolant]
reckons the reserve coolant tank is ok if you
can see some coolant in it, even at lower level..

so my question for fellow 300 owners is
what is the temp of your exhaust cannister
after a ride ? specifically, is it hot enough
to cause a 'sizzle' from a light wet touch
or a skin burn from similar light touch ?

for those with technical understanding of this
cannister and presumably its cat etc,
should i be worried about a hot cannister,,
and is this normal for this motorcycle...

she runs well, increasingly smoother
and free revving and as you would expect..
heat bars go to 1 bar after a minute or so
of normal startup routine, then to 3 before
long, then stay at 3 for the rest of the ride
[typically suburban backstreets plus some
traffic areas etc, about 20 mins or so]..

altho i like to use engine compression as in
engine braking and changing rev levels up to
occasional 9krpm most often 7 - 8 as part of
break in process, she definitely doesnt get
any excessive flogging as part of my
typical engine break in process..

ie, overheating, if that is overheating for this
bike/cannister, isnt due to low oil or excessive
riding conditions..

any similar experience or suggestions
much appreciated :)

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thanks folks.. cbr250r [stolen] had leo vince carbon slip on
which didnt get anything like the touch temp of this cannister,
and i had intended to install another lv or akro or ? carbon s/o
for cbr300r [anyway], after initial break in period..

its reassuring to hear members experiences,
so im less concerned now, leaving curiosity
as to how/what causes this excess heat..

eg, is this a designed in heat sink with some specific
heat releasing function [etc] or is it just a side effect of
whatever cat and muffling effects happen in there [?]
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