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I think my dealer screwed up

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Based on the threads I'm seeing in regards to pricing, I think my dealer may have goofed up on the price he charged me for the CB300F I bought. (Or they just wanted to be rid of the 300F for some reason)

When I initially asked for a quote, it seemed really low. After exchanging many emails over the course of a week or so (I had some stuff happen that postponed my purchase) I asked him to confirm the price and he confirmed the same OTD price quote he initially sent.

Then, when I asked for the VIN so I could get GEICO to add it to my motorcycle policy, he sent me a PDF of the sales order he worked up (which listed the same price)

I showed up Saturday with a check for the price I was quoted and we did the transaction. They're closed on Mondays so they haven't cashed the check yet, so I'm wondering...if they did screw up, will they try to get the bike back or demand more money...
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So what did you end up paying for it (not including sales tax & your states reg fees)?
So what did you end up paying for it (not including sales tax & your states reg fees)?

MSRP on the Bill of Sale was $2999...that's where I think they may have goofed...or they just lowered it to get rid of it...they did tell me they were running some crazy specials until 5 May so I really don't know if it was a mistake or not...
I highly doubt that they would have lowered the price by a full $1000 to get rid of it... for one thing, it's a current model year bike, coupled with the fact that the spring motorcycle selling season is really just getting started in North America. And as far as I know there are no rebates for that model from American Honda Motor Co.

Definitely sounds like a mistake on their part. With the correct MSRP at $3999, their actual dealer cost from Honda is probably somewhere around $3600 (contrary to what many think, there's not much mark-up on these small bikes).

Anyway, as they say 'their loss is your gain'. Even when their bookkeeper catches the mistake (which they will when they have to turn around and cut a check for the bike to Honda Finance, or whomever does their floor plan financing), I don't think that they'll have any recourse where they can come back to you and try to get more money, since the deal was binding the moment all the paperwork was completed, agreed to and signed by all parties. Most importantly, you wrote them a check for the full amount they required... at the end of the day, that check you wrote seals the deal.

That said, they could very well contact you and try to get you to pay the difference. If that happens, to be honest if it were me in your shoes, I'm not sure I would... it was their screw up, not yours.

It would be a different situation if for example you had only given them a deposit to hold the bike and then prior to finalizing the sale, they caught the error on the invoice/sales agreement. In that kind of situation, they would come back and explain the error, and basically have to give you the choice of proceeding with the purchase at the corrected price, or give you your deposit back in full.
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Just don't take it back to the same dealer for it's first maintenance. The bill will mysteriously come to $1,500.
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Well, I've been on their end before in the past, and when I try to retrieve the money from the customer due to our mistake, I try to be very nice and try to find ways to work it out together at the end, hoping that the customer will cooperate.

If they reach back out to you, I wouldn't shut the door on them. If they have been good and fair with you from the very beginning, I'd say one should return the favor. Everyone makes mistakes... It comes down to being fair at the end. Worst case scenario, see if they will help you in some way to make up for any inconvenience caused to you... I'm sure they will because they truly don't want to be at a loss with the money they forgot to collect.

For now, just go with the flow and don't volunteer or point out anything since they have instructed you with the price requested from their behalf... And you are simply following their lead as far as you're concerned. Just be on stand-by if they do reach back out.

Congrats on the super sweet deal, for now, at least. :)
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$2,999 is what they are going for around here as well.
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My situ is a bit different. But my cbr300r was a demo with 130km on it. Honda already had $500 off sale, and demo factor reduced it by another 1k. So there must be a bit of room for dealers profit on these. Unless they get to claim demo price reductions as a tax offset maybe?
It goes for $2,850 USD out the door over here... Montreal, Canada.

I'm saying this because the price of a CB500F is the same whether it's bought in the States or in Canada.
so what was its vin number?

reckon a dealer would be able to quote prices in her sleep,
never mind going thru repeat quotes and sales contract etc,
without noticing a thousand dollar difference...

end of the day, a sales agreement is a contract
sealed by making payment and taking
delivery of the goods etc..

this is not like [say] finding someones wallet
then contacting them to return it..
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