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It seems a little high around 1200 in neutral and in 6 gear cruising 5500-6000 rpm is this normal?

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idle is controlled by various input [oxygen sensor etc] to
onboard computer [ecu].. at startup revs should go to 2000rpm
then slowly drop down to about 1500rpm on the dial..

best practice is to allow this response to happen
at every startup - without any throttle input at all -
until she settles to a steady 'heartbeat' on 1500..

sometimes when you say, ride somewhere, stop,
switch off but come back soon, she will start at lower
revs [than 2000] or drop quickly to steady 1500rpm..
this is also just normal ecu response..

horsepower and torque 'pulling power' are generated
thru the rev range, generally starting around 5500 - 8500
with torque at around 7500rpm..

so for general riding within speed limits etc,
when the tacho needle is at 12 o'clock is about right,
and at ok revs to enter useful hp/torque generation revs
for overtaking and general acceleration etc..

as a small displacement single higher revs are better
than lower revs, especially for novices yet to develop
sensitive throttle control and best gear selection
for conditions.. main thing is to think 'smooth'
when using clutch, not just letting it out suddenly,
but going for good coordination between throttle [revs]
and feeding of power into the drivtrain [and rear wheel]
thus reducing the risk of overloading the engine
and/or drivetrain including your chain..

for this and other basic essential riding skills
nothing beats good instruction followed by
consistent regular and determined
- practice -

your motorcycle should have come with an owners
manual, which contains info on engine revs etc..
also, its easy to google basic questions..

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when motor is cold it will idle higher, once warmed up will lower a little. Being FI don't worry about it, it is all automatically controlled, there is no adjustment needed it is set at the factory. If your idle is off then there are other underlining issues, once those are resolved idle will go back to normal.
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