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I have been toying with the idea of going to race school and was wondering if the cbr300r can hang with the other bikes in it's class as far as a race track is concerned.
What are some of the 300's strengths compared to a ninja or an R3?
Can the difference in power be mitigated enough by squeezing extra horses out of it and weight reduction? How about rider experience?

I guess, is it a completely fruitless effort to start purchasing more competative oriented things for this bike, or should I save my money and buy a GROM?

I just want to see other people's opinion on the matter.

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I'm taking my 300R to a track day this sunday for the first time but Ive been to a few previous on my 250R.

If your just getting into Racing then I wouldnt be too bothered about whether you can 'hang with the other bikes' or not as the defining factor aint gonna be your bike but yourself!

There may be experienced guys there who know the track like the back of their hand who will run rings around you on an RG150 or similar!

I know this because its happened to me heaps of times :laugh:

Its all about having fun at the end of the day and pushing yourself and your machine in safer, more controlled environment than out on the road.
Everybody going in the same direction is a big start!

If you are seasoned racer and will be racing in a class of 300's (not one we have here in New Zealand) then I would work that lower weight differential of the CBR to your advantage and strip it back even further (see my previous post 'put your 300 on a diet'), fit some sticky radial tyres and maybe look at lowering your gearing with a 13T front sprocket depending on how fast the track is.
Theres a whole host of performance products starting with the obvious one of an aftermarket pipe, then looking at fuel controllers etc.
Have a look on the site for tips on suspension upgrades for the track as both bikes share the same suspension.

Most of all just get out there and have a blast! :D

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say rossi for eg, gave your road bike a workout at that track,,
would the bike, or rossi, be competitive..

if the old lady next door was riding it,, how competitive..
or if you were riding it, alone, no bikes, nobody else there
would you or your bike be 'competitive' [?]

aside from obvious performance of brakes, tyres etc,
as safety factors, the real competition is with
that person everyone goes on about; yourself..

whoever that may be..
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