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Has anyone ever done their own oil changes and had their warranty voided because they couldn't prove proper maintenance? I completed the oil changes as directed in the owner's manual. I was told by the dealership that all I need are receipts to prove purchase and the dates. I provided that info, but Honda came back (three months later after having to pester them for updates, I might add) saying service wouldn't be covered for multiple reasons concerning the oil change.

1. Oil and filter did not have part numbers on the receipt
2. Millage of oil changes cannot be verified
3. They can't verify that an oil change was performed

I tried asking if the notes I wrote down in my phone could be submitted to prove millage but they said no. I asked if the dealership could look at the oil quality and filter physically on the bike and they said no. I asked how I could prove it to them and they gave me no answers. Just "so you don't have any more information to submit?"

I called back the dealership and they said there was no need or way to submit millage, and no need for part numbers. Just proof of oil and filter purchase... which I already provided three months earlier. I looked at the warranty fine print and it says a statement, receipt, and date is all that is needed. How do I make an official statement explaining the work done?

Bike is still at the dealership, coming up on four months of just sitting there now. I have a longer post explaining in more detail as my introductory post. Has anyone else had this issue or an issue similar? Has anyone done their own oil changes and still had their warranty honored? What did you submit to prove the work was done properly?

I don't have the money to have it repaired out of pocket. I even got the CarePlus plan for after the manufacture warranty expires. I feel completely screwed over. Please help.

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maybe the store that you bought the oil and filter from can correlate the information on the receipt with the filter and oil descriptions?
In another of his more detailed posts he said this: "we are not able to have Walmart modify their receipts to show the part numbers."
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