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Hi Guys,

First post but I wanted to know your opinion on this:

Have CBR300R - WHEEE! Love it.

When I was at the dealer a few weeks ago to pick it up they said they had just received the stop sale notice. But they said they called into Honda and checked the bike and it was not effected by the recall. However it does come up on Honda's web site now looking up the VIN. That's just some background.

I have 600 miles on it, and first service scheduled for this Saturday.

At 200 miles I changed the oil and filter with Honda OEM parts and Royal Purple 10W-30 Max Cycle synthetic. I check level often.

I use 93 Octane fuel from VP and I am told it has no Ethanol or anything like that in it.


Yesterday while riding I stopped at a light after a good stretch of 50-60 mph in 6th gear, and by that point the seat was feeling pretty hot under me. I also very strongly smelled a melting plastic/smoke like smell. I was stopped near a camp ground so I thought someone must be burning something over there. :eek:

I drove about another ten miles and then stopped at my local store for gas and I get off the bike and I am smelling this again real strong. I didn't see anything. No smoke or flames. :D

I went home and I checked over everything on the outside and could see nothing. I checked my boots and made sure nothing looks melted on them or my pants. Nothing.

Temperature Gauge throughout all this was in the middle, never moved.

Much of my driving is stop and go with occasional opportunity to get on a stretch with 50-60 mph. I am usually in the 4500-5500 RPM range.

Sorry I don't know a lot about bikes, as this is my first one, but I know the battery is under the seat. I just want some ideas about what to tell the dealer on Saturday so they don't think I'm crazy or being a noob imaging things.

Up until this point I have had no issues at all though I have noticed on occasion the seat getting hot when I get the chance to travel faster. It doesn't really seem to do this based on duration of use.

It's been in the 90s here. Don't know if that is a concern.

Weird, I know. Maybe I am a noob imagining things.


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Fellow noob with first bike. Mine had that same smell in the heat. My ex-instructor saw my bike and remarked that it "still has that new bike smell" so I didn't think anything of it. Maybe you should call Honda with your VIN just to be safe, but I wouldn't panic.

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Often in the first few hundred miles you smell the paint of the header pipe and muffler burning off. Possibly the internals of the cat as well?
Wild card possibility is the rubber sole/heel of your boot coming into contact with the exhaust system?
Doesn't seem like anything major but if doesn't stop see your dealer.

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by all means report this to your dealer at service..
if coolant fluid and oil are within normal range
along with temp gauge and non stress riding
then its unlikely to be engine overheating..

if you feel heat thru seat and smell 'burning plastic'
theres a battery under the seat to check first..

there is that initial burn off of exhaust and probably cat
as kiwi mentions, an obvious possibility..
only thing there being smelling strong burning etc
now, or as isolated recent events..
such burn off should be more consistent
and fading over time one would think..

anyway, thats what warranty is for
and also early servicing..

be specific about what you have experienced,
and ask politely for identification of the source..

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Changing to synthetic oil at 200 miles is a big mistake,it will stop your engine running in properly.

This is nothing to do with the smell but you need to get your oil changed back to mineral straight away.

Don't use synthetic oil until at least 2000 miles.
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