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Muffler upgrade

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Guys I like the single cylinder sound but I don't care for look of the cbr 300 muffler. So I bought a cheap Amazon pipe with the 2 exhaust ports. The thing looks really good on the motorcycle .But it basically is like having it straight piped.No muffler or baffle came with exhaust pipe. Sounds like krap as you could imagine. I could buy an expensive slip on. But I really like the way this pipe looks. Is there anything I can do to create a muffler out of this straight pipe.
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In a word, no. There's a reason those stock mufflers are so bulky and that's cos they're full of sound baffling material.
But I agree they look awful.
You might look into the IXIL L3XB, it has what you're looking for and comes with removable baffles for just under $400
Quality exhausts are expensive. Whereas cheap exhausts are just that... cheap quality and lots of noise, even though they may look good.
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