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I've spent the last couple weeks researching and acquiring racks and saddlebags to turn my bike into a mini tour-er. Finally got out for my first moto-camping trip. Just one night, 300km away from home. It helps that I already own a lot of small, lightweight backpacking gear, but you could easily do this with a larger tent and sleeping bag. Would still want to keep the stove/cookware/water storage minimal, though.
  • The rear rack is the one from Bikerzbitz. It was around $100 shipped to Canada from Thailand, including duties. It's listed for the CBR250/300R and it fits the 2015 CB300F perfectly, including the metal tabs for the pillion seat to sit on. A previous model apparently did not and people were welding their own tabs on.
  • The saddlebag supports are from Webike Japan. They're advertised for the CBR250R, 400X, and CB250F, but I made a gamble based on what I researched about the common frames between these bikes. I think these ran me $115 CAD after shipping and duties.
  • The saddlebags are the Nelson Rigg mini expandable sport saddlebags. I originally ordered the Givi Easy-T Range expandable saddlebags, but they sat too close for comfort to the exhaust and didn't have an included heat shield. The "mini" bags fit a ton of stuff, didn't even need to expand them.
  • I've added a side stand enlarger from Amazon US because I park on gravel and dirt relatively often. Xitomer was the brand.
  • The windshield is the Puig Naked New Generation in light smoke. GAME CHANGER. Way more comfortable at higher speeds.
  • The phone mount is Quadlock with a vibration dampener. Haven't used it yet as I'm still waiting on the phone case. For now I'm getting directions by wearing earbuds inside my helmet with GPS running on my phone in an internal pocket. Does anyone else find Apple Maps way better than Google at giving directions? Instructions like, "Go through this light and at the next light, turn left" are much easier to follow.
  • Rok Straps hold the tent and sleeping bag on tight.
  • I'm still waiting on a Shad SH39 top case to be delivered, as I want some lockable storage for more expensive pieces of kit. I was anxious for my tent when I stopped to eat and wander around town. Finally, I'll be adding hand guards to keep the wind off as the temperatures drop. Then I'm DONE spending money on this gal for a while.

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Looks like a good setup, the rack on the back does so mush for the looks and functonality of the bike. When we go motorcycle camping we usually don't bring much in the way of food other than the making for coffee in the mornings. Here is an older picture of the tent,blow up pad, sleeping bag, coffee pot & kit.


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