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Hi all. Don't have the bike yet but when I was on the Grom (my first bike) at the beginning of this year and saw all the distracted drivers, I got really concerned about safety out there. So in considering getting the 300F at some point probably early next year, I have tried to think of every way I could possibly reduce my risk of an accident.

Here is my plan:

-Wear proper gear at ALL TIMES. Tips on this would be cool. I have seen jackets with air bags built into them. Exo-skeletan looking vests/jackets. Any new developments out there that reduce injury vs current tech are things I am interested in. The hard part is having all this while also being as comfortable as possible. Safety first though.

-Bright colored gear or at least the way I have it now, reflective tape strips on my current gear to help cars notice me at night.

-Avoid bad weather if possible.

-Avoid night riding if possible.

-I personally would prefer to avoid major highways, especially traffic jammed ones with morons trying to slice and dice their way through heavy traffic that likely could cut me off. I wouldn't mind a highway that is nice and open with few cars piled up around me.

-I would like to add LED lights to the forks of my bike that form a triangle pattern. I have seen this at night on bikes and they stand out way better and give a much better depth perception. The studies I have seen show that 1 single light makes it hard for cars to tell how far away you are and that can cause them to misjudge and dart out in front of you. But 2 or more lights makes a difference. Even in daylight this is improved visability.

-The obvious of no stunting, speeding, wreckless riding, etc.

-Anytime I ever come up on an intersection, I will slow down and keep my head on a swivel looking for any idiot who is not going to see me or may run a light, etc.

-Keep a large following distance behind others.

-Anytime I see a car that COULD turn out in front of me, I assume he WILL do it and slow down just in case.

-I personally prefer to ride in the middle/right side of the lane to avoid the texter coming the opposite way who might drift into my lane.

-Proper bike maintenance.

-If ABS becomes available, I would prefer to purchase a 300F with it.

-I have seen other bikes at night with lights on the sides of their bikes. It looked to be more so for the whole street glow look but it really made the bikes stand out at far distances from the side and back views. I would consider this for further improved visability at night.

-One of those brake lights that flashes really fast when you use it to help make sure the driver behind you sees it.

-Practice personal riding skills to improve control of the bike.

I may be forgetting some right now. Tell me what you guys think of my strategy. Not trying to be a total nanny but I personally think I would enjoy riding more everytime I make it home in 1 piece. Anything in my plan need to be modified or added?

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Those are all good things but remember you are not going to war but trying to have a good time. Just keep it legal, keep your head and be alert and you will do fine.​
I have been riding street bikes for 25 years never dropped a bike or had an accident until 8/15 this year when a deer ran into the side of me on my lunch hour and totaled my bike only doing 20mph. I have had worse and 100x more injuries playing ice hockey but in ice hockey everybody laughs when you get knocked out or get bloody nose and mouth then expects you to get right and play. When something happens on a motorcycle with injuries far less severe people say how lucky you were it wasn’t worse or maybe now you will give that up before you kill yourself or my favorite is when they say, my friend is a nurse and she calls motorcycle riders, organ donors.


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the most important factor is awareness, constant vigilance. Ride with the expectation that every single person out there is trying to kill you. Its the only way to mentally gear up for the battle, you need to view it as a me or them type of deal almost. No compassion for your fellows while mounted.

If you havent already click the link i included in the situational awareness thread, constantly practice stuff like that.

Allt he gear and reflectors are well and good, but you need the skills to extricate yourself and the awareness to recognize that you need to extricate yourself....

Actually the best kind of practice for situational awareness I could recommend is getting out on a bicycle and riding with traffic. You're so much slower than everyone you cant rely on the right wrist to save you, constant vigilance.

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Be as safe as possible but try not to over think it. Sometimes being too tense can get you in a lot of trouble. Theres tons of good gear that looks cool also. Trust don't want to ride to just "make it" home. If you ride.......your choosing a kick ass way to get from here to there. Enjoy!
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