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New CB300f OTD price in norcal

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I've been contacting dealerships about the CB300f just seeing what they'll offer because I'm looking to purchase one in the near future as a first bike. For the most part I've been getting ridiculous quotes like $5,900. I finally requested a quote from one online and in the comment section I said I wasn't interested in paying any of their overpriced fees so I got a quote back saying that they had a new bike in stock and they could do $4,800 (msrp $3,999) and a bike with 800 miles on it for $4,000. Not sure if these are good deals or can I do better?
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picked mine up on 7/24/15 in Bakersfield for 4900 OTD (sales tag on bike was listed 5950 OTD). There was one listed in Simi Valley for 3400, but by the time they racked up all the taxes and fees they wanted 5200, they came down to 4970 and i took the quote to my local dealer and told them if that want me to keep my business here, they could take my 4900,...sales guy walked away and came back 2 min later and shook my hand and said congrats! Just a side note,..I almost bought the KTM 390 Duke from a diff dealer, but they would not budge on the price.....
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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