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New CB300F owner looking for black exhaust and other mods

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I just got a hold of a 2018 CB300F with only 1400 miles. I'm looking to swap out the existing stainless exhaust with a black one. I'm not interested in making it louder or faster but definitely don't want to lower performance either. I just want it black and if it's CF then that's fine.

Also, which is the best fender eliminator out there? The Yoshimura ones look nice, but I hear it compromises the sturdiness of the tail lights. Any suggestions?
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A lot of manufacturers make black carbon fiber pipes-but they all will be louder than stock except maybe the arrow K series they advertise legal sound levels
Hmmm....Unfortunately, I don't see them making one for the CB300F.
The yoshi fender delete is fine and a quality piece, I don't know that it compromises anything? But there are cheaper options out there that do the same thing.

Also, yoshimura exhausts tend to be OK decibel wise — stick to just the can section and use the db silencer if needed.
Just an update. I installed the Yoshimura fender delete a couple of weeks ago. I like it! Also, I just ordered an Akrapovic slip-on exhaust.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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