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Hello all. I picked my 300F on 10/30/14. 0 miles on the odometer and I'm ready to rack on the miles. Been riding a few years now. Started out with scooters and moved my way up to where i am now. I ride to enjoy the scenery. I like going on day-long rides.

Bought this to replace my Yamaha WR250X. Bought it used a few years ago and it's time to move on. It was my first real big bike. I was happy with the power so I wasn't looking into upgrading to a drastically larger cc bike. I bought a Honda Grom last year when it was released and I've been happy how it has performed. I did over 1,000 miles in it in a 3 day trip this year without any problems. That's why I decided on getting another Honda. The 300F had all the things I was looking for in a bike.
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