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Hey everyone just heard the news about the CBR300R. Really excited about buying my first new bike, I'm coming from an 89 Ninja 250 and to be honest I'm just looking to step into the modern age with the CBR. I'm also considering a Duke 390 and a new Ninja 300...

Looking forward to it, Cheers :D
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yea absolutely, I'm shopping based on P/W anyways not pure displacement. I think the R25 is going to be a very good track bike I'm, just not sure if it will be comfrotable for daily duty. Ditto for the RCs but **** are they SEXX...

CBR300 is the safe commuter choice, we'll see how far reason gets me though ;)
Yeah I am thinking the same thing CBRs just in general compared to other always have been the comfy choice. Although i wouldn't mind taking a spin around the track with the R25 but will just keep it on there and not for the streets. yamaha's tend to have much more aggressive riding positions.
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