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Hey everyone just heard the news about the CBR300R. Really excited about buying my first new bike, I'm coming from an 89 Ninja 250 and to be honest I'm just looking to step into the modern age with the CBR. I'm also considering a Duke 390 and a new Ninja 300...

Looking forward to it, Cheers :D
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Welcome to the forum, we're all excited about it. Hopefully more info drops soon
Welcome to the forum!

The Duke 390 and the Ninja 300 are both exciting bikes too. I think that Honda's reputation of good quality makes the CBR300 the most desirable to me. Whichever you get, it will be fun for you to have a brand new bike!
This is so true.

Still interested to see what the Duke RC390 will do when put up against the CBR300R
I think the RC is a little bit more track focused compared to the CBR300 which will be more comfortable for daily use.
It is, it's more of a competitor to the Yamaha R25 than the CBR300.
I'd be interested to see how the RC390 KTM compares to the new Yamaha R25.
Same here, it will be an interesting battle. Not sure which will win, could even be even game
I think its one of the most powerful 250s.
It is, after all it's a 250cc race bike from Yamaha which will = game over for other brands
Yeah I am thinking the same thing CBRs just in general compared to other always have been the comfy choice. Although i wouldn't mind taking a spin around the track with the R25 but will just keep it on there and not for the streets. yamaha's tend to have much more aggressive riding positions.
and those positions aren't fun on the street.
how do you like their more up-right FZ-09?
the r25 will probably be available in asia

one can hope? we dont know anything about the r3
maybe it will, seems like a good entry-level bike, maybe even more ideal than the R3 for a market like that.
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