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New Rider!

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I just purchased a 2015 Honda CBR300R (my first bike ever) at 18,000 miles and it's been great! the previous owner had all the documentation and did the following:
-Brand new top-end rebuild
-New clutch

My next service (don't even know how to service my bike) is 1000 miles from now.

Any advice on how to maintain the life of the bike?
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Howdy and welcome to the forum. It's kinda surprising the previous owner needed to get all that work done at 18K miles as these little Honda singles are generally pretty reliable and have good longevity.
The main thing from your point of view is just to keep changing the oil and filter around every 5K miles (others will have differing opinions on interval). There will be info on here or on a Youtube clip on how to do I'm sure. Make sure your coolant is always topped up and chain lubed and tensioned, all the usual stuff.
Enjoy your riding.
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Welcome to the Forum. Your bike's Owner's Manual will have loads of information on operation and maintenance schedules for your bike. If you don't have a manual, you can download a free PDF version from Honda's website. There's a link below. Ride Safe and Enjoy.
Honda Motorcycle Owners Manual - Honda Powersports
Wellcome to the forum!
Welcome ...lot of work early in the life.:eek:
I have 62,000 km on my 2015 and it does not use a drop of oil ...I use 12k km change intervals.
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