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Just joined your Forum.
Haven't bought a 300 yet.
Looking & wanting to buy a 300f as soon as dealer gets one in shop.
Finding as much info as possible.
Right now riding a 2015 Yamaha SMax 155cc scooter which I like a lot & it has a lot of room under the seat ,46 liter top case & two good size saddle bags . Drives great & will go up to 70mph. I prefer driving it around 60 mph.
Don't know weather to keep scooter & buy 300f or trade in the scooter.
Love the looks & extra capability of the CB 300f.
Any thoughts. What would you do?
Thanks for any input.
P.S. I've got the CB300f Fever

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Welcome Modene, I cant see the point in having two small bikes that are both good on gas so I'd trade the scooter on a 300f and fit your top box to it or get a new one that fits the Honda.
Careful with that fever now, it's contagious :D
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