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Not sure where to start with the noise.

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I have a 2017 CBR300R with less than 6K on it and it’s making some kind of ticking noise. I drove it probably with no oil for a little bit but I didn’t think it needed it cause the guy I bought it from said it just was changed and I never looked. I put less than 300 miles on it and one day doing like 65mph it almost stalled on me and the rpm’s dropped instantly and then it went back all within seconds and it started this noise. Then I checked the oil cause it sounds like a lifter tick on a car and it was dry. But I put a video in the link of me starting it up with the noise. Any help is appreciated!

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These bikes only have a small quantity of oil in them so it is VERY important to ensure the oil is up to the correct level BEFORE you ride it. They will benefit from using a good motorbike oil and changing it regularly, say every 3000 miles, not as Honda service record says. If you get a bike off someone the first thing to do is change the oil and filter for something you know is good.
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