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Riding weight is about 160lbs fully geared up, butt naked I'm about 133lbs., with spirited riding thru the mountains.
Got the RaceTech emulators and springs in. Emulators are set at factory (2-3 turns), and springs are 0.80kg with a 95mm spacer making just shy of 20mm spring preload, sag is about 25-30mm (hard to measure by myself), oil level is 146mm from the top (per service manual). They feel great, no more nose dive, no more pogo stick, no more harsh bump, tracks better, no more nervousness, much smoother, handles better, more stable. Because of the improvements in the front, the sensation of speed slowed a little. Basically going the same speed feels slower now then before.

Now I just need to work on the rear end. Improving the front end makes the rear feel even worse/more obvious. Got an Ohlins on order.

Also about the forks. With the firmer racetech springs the front isn't as squat down so the head angle isn't as steep which makes the bike steer a little slower. Stock it was very quick steering, like a scooter.

I tried embedding video worky....anyways my signature is my youtube channel link. Got videos on taking the fork apart modding it for the emulators and spacers for the spring along with putting everything back together.
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