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Hello all. I recently purchased a brand new CBR300R SE. I noticed last night before I went out for a ride whilst doing my checks, that the rear brake only activates the brake light when pressed Incredibly hard.
My girlfriend purchased the same bike when I did and hers is it like this, a slight tap of the pedal activated the light.

Is there an easy way to fix/adjust this as I am not excited about having to take a bike with less than 300kms on the clock back to a dealer.

Thanks in advanced.

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Yes there's a very easy way.
1) Put the bike on its side stand. look near the brake pedal, slightly above it. You will see a black cable with some kind of screw at the bottom of it. See my finger on the photo.
2) Turn the ignition on (no need to start the engine)
3) Press the brake pedal. See how much travel/force it takes to get the brake light to go on.
4) Turn the screw (I forgot which way, just try one or the other).
5) Do step 3 and 4 again, adjusting until it feels "just right" for you.
6) Don't forget to turn the ignition off. The battery doesn't last long.

I found a youtube video of some guy doing that on a CBR-250. Looked a little different, but the main idea and location are the same for all modern motorcycles.


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