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I made myself a website where I can track my trips, fuel, and service for our two CBR300RAs. I thought I'd share it in case anybody else might find it useful:
It's far from complete at this point, but it's meeting my basic needs.

Features currently available:

1. Trip log (also warns you when you are getting low on fuel, for the absent minded/fuel gauge impaired, like myself)

2. Fuel Log

3. Ability to track multiple vehicles

4. Track service history, and warn of impending service requirements

Still working on:

1. Metric only, although I've started work on adding miles/gallons support.

2. Has the service schedule from the CBR300RA manual. No ability to add different service schedules for different vehicles, or modify the schedule to your liking, although I'm working on this as well. I want to use this for my four wheeled vehicles as well in the end.

3. Can't edit fuel log entries yet.

4. Can't edit service log entries yet.

5. I'll be adding the ability to attach service evidence by uploading pictures of invoices.

6. I'd like to add the ability to share a read-only link to a vehicle service record for sharing with potential buyers of a vehicle.

7. Still need to add capability for month or hour based service schedules (eg replace oil every 12 months, or every 500 hours).

If anybody wants to take a look and provide feedback, please feel free.
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