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Stolen 2015 CBR 300 RA recovered - journey to putting it back on the road

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Hi All,

I just got my CBR 300 RA 2015 back, which was a feat in itself. It was not in my possession for approximately 2 months. I had done an oil change right before it was stolen. My bike did not have any upgrades, all OEM parts. And I was the original owner. The only positive news is that after recovering it, it still runs. It's missing lots of parts though, including fairings which I'm not interested in getting back. The parts I want to put back on are:
  • Cluster ( specifically for my 2015 ABS enabled system) - is the ABS system a special cluster?
  • Nose cover and headlights
  • Front indicator lights - can I put those on without the fairings?
  • Muffler
  • Rear seat cover
I can look on Babbits to see what the parts I need are. And I think most that I will try to get what I can from ebay so that I don't spend much on getting it back on the road.

Do you guys have suggestions? I've verified the motorcycle works. For some reason they had drained most of the engine oil and it was dark, but no particles. I flushed and changed the oil filter. They were trying to sell it, and so I think they wanted whoever rode it away to burn the engine. I'm looking to get it back on the road. If it rides and looks like crap, I'm not concerned. The one thing that concerns me is whether the parts will be easier to steal if there are no fairings on the motorcycle.

I hate thieves. They just destroyed a motorcycle and probably didn't get anything out of it.

Thank you for any advice.
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Hi, sounds like you had some bad luck there. It's a low thing to do alright.

The instrument cluster on the ABS will be different in that it will have an ABS light but whether that is an essential function for the bike to operate fully IDK. You would like to hope not but ECU's are getting more and more complex now so I wouldn't risk buying a non ABS cluster if you need one.

Yes I can see no reason why you couldn't mount the indicators minus the middle fairing.

Good luck.
I have spares in multiples of all these parts in various conditions from race bike builds, if you would be interested lmk
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