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I'm originally from somewhere much warmer where I never needed to store a motorcycle for the winter, but since I am in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and its starting to get really cold I am nearing the point of having to store it for the winter. Having never done this before I thought I would ask what others do regarding leaving gas in the motorcycle. I've read to either drain the gas tank completely or fill up the tank completely and add a fuel stabilizer. Might store it for 3-4 months (hopefully less) during the winter. Thoughts?

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- Store with a full tank of gas, with Stabil added to the gas. Start the bike and run it for a few minutes to get the stabilized fuel into rest of the fuel system.

- Change the oil & oil filter prior to storage.

- Wash the bike, and clean & lubricate the drive chain. Also it's a good opportunity to give the bike a thorough look over, and check all of the fasteners for tightness.

- DO NOT start the engine for the duration of the storage period... doing so can and will cause condensation to develop inside the engine.

- Use a Battery Tender to maintain the battery charge during storage.

- It's not necessary, but I like to cover the bike with an old bed sheet to keep dust and dirt from collecting on it.

That's about all you really need to do to prepare a bike for storage. When spring rolls around again, you'll only really need to check/adjust the tire pressures and you'll be good to go.
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