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So, after 10 years of riding I finally want to start stunting. The CBR300r has been a loyal companion for the past year, but it seems very incapable of doing any type of major stunts at decent speeds. EX: I can only pop a wheelie (not power style) in first gear. Second gear seems somewhat impossible but I have only been trying for 2 days. I can, however, constantly pop one in first gear. The issue here is that I sit at around 9000rpm until I reach break point. At break point I can keep the RPM's reasonable but the bike is going at a top speed of 10mph....

Not sure if anybody else here is stunting, but I figured I would try.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts could play with this.....2015 CBR 300 R is in data base.

Gearing Commander: Motorcycle Speed, RPM, Chain & Sprockets Calculator

Motomike..perhaps this gearing site could be a "sticky".....
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also like stunting wheelie is a lot of fun plan on putting 13t front 38t rear don't like riding in a straight line much.
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I've pulled a couple high wheelies in first at the front position at a stop light on accident really. I guess I'm a bit too old as I felt kinda like an ass, people staring at me and someone shaking their head. lol
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@maryk This is the best display I've seen. This Thai rider is popping the clutch in second or maybe even third. He's hitting the rev limiter every time which seems to control his lift.
Have you tried standing up when you do them? That's how I do them on my XR trail bike.
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That seems to be in first. I can perform them in first at 10mph. I have tried at 20mph and the bike doesnt get enough torque, even if I redline the thing. I might just be too cautious or the timing on my hands letting the clutch slip might be off. I can 100% of the time get it off in first gear though. I have had 0 luck with second.
You get any tips on this I’m at the exact same point
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