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Well ... more like "The Comeback Middle Aged Guy", but that didn't sound as snappy.

Getting back into the world of motorcycles after a 10 year absence. Just got my motorcycle license back a few days ago and have been looking at picking up either a Ninja 300 or a CBR300R, decided to go to with the Honda due to the great reputation it's earned so far and that I took the MSF Basic Rider course on a 250R and really liked how it felt and handled. Will mainly be using it to commute the 30 mile round trip to and from work each day and enjoying the wide open spaces on the weekend. 10 years ago I had a Ninja 650R and, like a lot of new riders that buy too much bike for them, ended up putting it down. I was attempting to avoid a road hazard at an excessively high speed and kissed the pavement. Thankfully I was wearing the proper gear and I survived with a pin in my wrist and a knee cap that I can now pop out of place at will instead of becoming another statistic on a death toll report. So, I decided this time to go with something lighter, with more controllable characteristics and that will allow me to enjoy the feeling of being on a bike.

Still a few months off from picking one up as I'm waiting for one to become available at local dealer and still trying to decide if I want to go with ABS or not. I realize it's not something that is going to make a huge difference on a sub-400 lb bike, but I like the idea of that extra breaking cushion in the event of an emergency stop.

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Welcome back, kiddo! :p

I respect you for coming back stronger and with a passion to ride again. I would do the same.

I try to be a very cautious rider, but if I were to have an incident (forbid), I have a good feeling that I would come back again as well.

Welcome aboard!

(Btw, if you're a kid, then that means I'm a toddler!) ;)

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Welcome to the forum, enjoyed your story. I've down-scaled in the HP dept for similar reasons, stops me going warp speeds where bad things can happen in the blink of an eye.
Enjoy your new ride when it finally shows up... maybe your dealer is making it himself :D

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Welcome to the forums, sir!
the more knowledge the better; especially for me, cause im a new rider.

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welcome back mate..
same return after a layoff, previous bikes
all road hondas, last two cb750 sohc 4's
thought [almost] new cbr250r would do
for a year til i got my eye in again,
then trade up for a larger honda..

yet, after a year, then two then three
that idea had evaporated, and i had no
intention of getting rid of 'black beauty'..
[mongrel thief made that decision]

so considering replacement for black beauty,
checked out the [many] nice motorcycles
around today, looking for another good
low mile cbr250r..
added 1500 bucks to insurance payout
and secured a brand new [all black]
cbr300ra [abs], which is just like
black beauty, plus 10 -20%

same slim lightweight for easy safe
filtering etc, extra power thru gears
a bonus, esp for hills, overtakes etc..
brakes work great - abs isnt a factor
until actual impending wheel lockup,
so 'normal' braking is the go..

i typically rest fingers over lever
using two fingers most braking,
mainly middle, sometimes index
only for light braking [but index
has been good for a couple of
sudden low speed traffic stops]
ie, braking is excellent and easy..

very nice spacing of gears to suit
her power/torque making efficient
take off from lights etc easy and
effective, with usable power
enough to destroy traffic etc..

anyway mate, imo you cant go wrong
with this excellent honda motorcycle..
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