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And so it's time for new rear rubber. I know that I have desecrated my “sport bike”, rather than swapping it for a different factory built machine more suited to my new normal. The long road has been...let’s just say, long.

My CBR got somewhat modified to accommodate my limited range of motion... the clip-ons went bye-bye and got replaced with the handlebars of a CB300F of the same year, for a more upright seating position. The seat pan gained adjustability in the front to keep me from sliding forward, anded a couple of inches of seat height. The foot pegs were lowered and swapped with wider dual-sport type, to help keep my left leg from taking unexpected departures. And the tires... the tires were changed to Shinko 705 series to assist me navigate my 3-1/2 mile long dirt/gravel steep driveway.

Since the 705s do not come in the factory size, we installed the closest size possible: 120/70R17 front, and 140/80-17 on the rear. Shinko also makes this rear tire in size 150/70-17.

I mostly ride on twisty mountain roads and hardly ever see more than 70mph on my speedo, and I never do highways that have speed limits beyond 55mph.

And so the question is: Do I replace that rear tire with the same size 140/80-17, or do I try out the lower profile 150/70-17 tire??? And yes, there is clearance for the 150 width.

Your comments and humorous opinions are welcome and greatly appreciated!


PS: It’s winter up here. So the wind screen and hand mufs are a necessity at my age, this time of the year! 🤣

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